Yoga Classes

Breathe it all in. Breathe it all out. At Soar we know that yoga is a deeply personal practice & we want you to have the best experience so listen to your body, be mindful of your needs…yes that’s right it’s all about YOU! Our amazing & diverse instructors are there to help you hold your space, for a quieter mind & stronger body so you can create meaningful connections inside & out.

We recommend that you read through the class descriptions before your first visit. Anything with Yin or Restorative in the title is a great option for beginners. To move further into movement style classes, we recommend vinyasa or yoga flow. Once you are comfortable with these classes, the next step is power, core, and heated classes. See you at the studio!

Below are a couple other options we have inspired by yoga


 Soar Stretch

Slow down the mind and find space in the body surrounded in the glow of candlelight. With the use of body weight and props for support, trained intstructors lead you through a series of breathing and stretching techniques. Relax and gently release deep tension to the sound of chill beats from every genre. 60 minutes.

Soar Sculpt

Ground yourself with an intense combination of strength training and mindful stretching techniques. Skilled instructors trained in yoga and pilates lead you in dynamic and isometric movements with a focus on breath work and body awareness. These challenging classes will target deep in the core while lengthening muscles from head to toe. 60 minutes.


Essentrics is a blend of of ballet strengthening, tai chi fluidity and physiotherapy techniques. A class for full body stretching and strengthening designed to decompress joints and rebalance muscles while lengthening them. Essentrics is amazing in preventing injuries so you can continue to play, pain free! 60 minutes.