Our new definition for in studio low intensity classes: exercise that generally results in significantly increased respiration rates is considered high intensity, while exercise that does not result in significantly increased respiration rates is considered low intensity. All classes will be low intensity. As always, providing a safe & clean workout environment for our community is our number one priority. To ensure you all remain safe & that we can continue to remain open please adhere to the following measures. Thank you!


 • You will be required to complete a health check upon entering the studio. https://www.worksafebc. com/en/resources/health-safety/posters/help-prevent-spread-covid-19-entry-check-visitors?lang=en
• Instructors are required to do the same prior to entering the studio. en/about-us/covid-19-updates/health-and-safety/health-checks
• To ensure member and instructor safety class times are staggered more than usual to reduce the risk of bottlenecking and ensure all equipment has been properly sanitized.
• Please ensure you leave the studio as soon as possible after class to allow the instructor time to sanitize for the next class.
• We will be cashless and ask that you make all your purchases online, outside of the studio.
• Please enter the studio from the “spin door entrance” and exit from the “yoga door”.
• Please note, there will be no option to store any personal items before, during, and after class.
• The washroom is available, but we ask for your limited use please.
• Please follow all directional floor and wall markings to ensure you are moving safely in the studio.
• Upon entering the studio, please go directly to your exercising space, marked in black squares.
• We ask you conscientiously maintain 2 m distance with each other at all times.
• A mask must be worn at all times until you reach your designated workout area. People who are unable to wear a mask due to a health condition or a physical, cognitive or mental impairment, and people who are unable to put on or remove a mask without the assistance of another person are exempt from mask requirements.
• People who are unable to wear a mask must maintain at least 2 metres distance at all times when in the facility.
• Please use the hand sanitizer when you enter the studio and when you touch personal items and after class.
• There will be no drop-ins permitted – please sign up for classes online. 
• Please do not arrive earlier than 10 minutes before class & be mindful of a staggered entry.
• Please come in your workout attire and bring your own water bottle each class. Clients are also
encouraged to bring your own mats if possible.
• Please use the disinfection wipes provided in studio to wipe down your equipment after your work out and leave your equipment in the marked squares you did the class in for further disinfection.
• All use of floor and wall fans discontinued.
• For your safety, there will no longer be hands-on correction from Soar instructors however you will be given verbal corrections instead to make you feel safe and comfortable. Instructors will remain within their instructor zone as much as possible throughout the class.
• We will do everything we can to keep the class as scheduled however in order to ensure you are safe, if an instructor is not feeling 100% and we cannot find an alternative, we may have to cancel the class. Should you, another member or the instructor display symptoms in class, the individual will be asked to wash or sanitize hands and mask up immediately, isolated, and it will be assessed if the class will continue. The individual will have a COVID-19 test suggested and asked to go home. Disinfection will take place immediately after everyone has left. If instructor/member are short of breath/chest pain, 911 will be called.