Acts of Courtesy


Bring your mojo & get ready to let your spirit Soar & have an incredible workout! We know life is busy but your time with us is all about YOU.Your body. Your Community.

Work Together

At Soar we are a team. Please be respectful and encouraging towards your neighbours.
We ask that you arrive a few minutes early to set yourself up. We start together & we finish together. This is your hour- please stay in the class for its entirety…Good vibes & high fives are encouraged!


Please do not use your cellphones or have side conversations during class as it distracts others & takes away from their experience. However, feel free to give a shout out or high five!

Sweaty Attire

We encourage sweat at Soar but please wear fresh attire!! Better for you, better for your neighbour!

Be Mindful of Your Body

At Soar we believe that you will only be successful if you listen to your body. We encourage you to push yourself, but if at any point you feel that you need to take a break, you do you!

Shoes Off

We ask that outdoor shoes be taken off upon entering the studio. Spin shoes are to be worn in the Spin studio only!


This is part of being a community….after your class please wipe down your equipment as well as put your used towel in the bins. Keeping our studio space clean makes it better for everyone!! TIA