Pick a Seat, any Seat!

Choose a spot that makes you feel the most comfortable-whether it’s at the front or the back!

Dress for Sucess

Wear light moisture wicking clothing- skip the baggy sweats!Regular sneakers are fine if you do not have cycling shoes.

Customize your Ride

Adjust the seat to hip height. Use your forearm to measure the proper distance between the handlebars and the tip of the seat, and raise the handlebars to a comfortable height. If you need help just ask! We are here for you!

Clip In (and Out)

Place the ball of your foot in the cages if you are wearing sneakers. In cycling shoes? Push your toes down until you feel the shoe lock in, as if you were clipping into skis. To clip out, turn your ankle away from the bike until the shoe unclips.

Tackle the Hills

Increasing resistance is like riding up a hill. Try to stay within a two-point range of the resistance that the instructor suggests, but if it feels like your legs are heavy as lead, take it down a notch.

Focus on the Upstroke

Concentrate on pulling up rather than pushing down with each pedal stroke to increase momentum.

You do You

Remember, the riders around you are focused on themselves. If it all becomes to much, just take a breath, close your eyes, pedal & get lost in the music.